A Note From The Author

Okay…I had a week off to actually do my day job, with very little time to write…I’m pondering some things as a result of that. Not least of these is “which story do I want to do?” – I have two or three “next steps” in mind for the plot, from side stories to continuations of existing plots. The Biggest Question Ever (TM) for this blog, though, is why I’m writing a story that’s so obscure, so impenetrable to even the average (if there were such a thing) discerning reader of science fiction and other awesome stuff. All the constant magical references…dude, it’s like the hardest of the hard SF, only esoteric instead of scientific. It’s not something a lot of people will understand…and as much as I love it, I’m not happy writing in a vacuum. I want to write so that my writing will be read – not widely, but by the select few, and enjoyed. This also helps when I want to throw in hypersigils, see 😀

So I had an Idea. I’m working out the specifics even as I type, see…but it seems to me that the existing plot has very many positive elements, and a dedicated readership, no matter how small. That universe isn’t worth destroying…but I think that even as the world in the story is on an Aeonic Edge, ours is too. And so is my world within. What if I kept the Crowley Conquers the World storyline, but remodeled the main focus of the blog into a science fiction pulp magazine like Astounding Stories? Made it y’know…more interesting to the general public, while continuing to report from the dream-tale front lines of the Aeonic Wars? And I’m not talking about selling out…I’m talking about being less totally obscure, but keeping the occult focus, the Wonder. And also opening the realms of possible stories I am able to tell – this way I won’t be limited to the single story, and side stories in that realm.

It will be, in a word, Awesomer. Are you ready, true believers? Then hold onto your hats, buckle your seatbelts, keep your arms and hands inside the awesomemobile at all times…or don’t. It’s more fun if you let caution fly to the wind…because another new adventure in the new look of Tales From The Aeonic Edge is coming soon! And the word of the Aeon is EXCELSIOR! :DDDDD

Jon Page

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