A Reader’s Guide To The Aeonic Edge

Author’s Note 11/16/10: This refers to the specific plotline known as the Aeonic Edge, featured in the first few Tales and possibly in future installments, but the information is also useful for understanding hidden elements of other tales or perhaps effecting Aeonic transition in your own life, should that be your path 😉 Most Tales will be good reading on their own as of now, with less attention paid to overt discussion of technology, theory and history, and more myth and symbol 🙂

Okay so…you probably know next to nothing about Thelema, chaos magic, or anything here except possibly Alice in Wonderland…I realize this is a problem for new readers and am trying to circumvent it by focusing less on the magic, more on the story. It’s kinda hard, though…like having Star Wars without the Force and all the Yodaspeak about what Jedi Knights do and believe. So rather than pausing the story every five minutes to introduce a new concept (after all, I’m writing awesome alternate history here, not Promulgating The Law Of  Thelema or some high-falutin crap like that :P) I figured I’d just get some links together in one place to explain what all the weird references are about. Consider this my spin on Tolkien’s appendices 🙂 (Thanks for that analogy, Mom…and thanks Terry for the idea to make this page in the first place :D)

Okay first…Thelema itself. Mystery religion, founded by Aleister Crowley in the early 1900s as seen on the blog…but what do they really believe? Thelemapedia’s article on


should explain 🙂 A lot of very key concepts are in that…you can follow the links around if you wanna find out more. I’m not trying to sell you on crazy occult crap (if you came here, you’re probably already sold…or you just like a good story 😉 ) but you get out what you put in, as far as this world goes 🙂

Here’s a page on Crowley…Thelemapedia again 🙂

Aleister Crowley, Conqueror of the World in 1947

Chaos magic? That’s another toughie. Wikipedia has the best explanation so far of real-life chaos magic (I don’t wanna search high and low for a better 101 page and Wiki works 90% of the time ;)) but I should note that the chaos mages in this universe are far more…chaotic, mad…and that all chaos mages are different. There’s no one right way to do it – that’s why they hate dogma and the establishment so much 🙂

Chaos Magic on Wiki

I should also define a few terms here…a sigil is an encoded statement of intent that is imprinted on the subconscious (fired) through various means, mainly the gnosis state mentioned in the Wiki. Usual methods of encoding involve removing duplicate letters from a statement and making the remaining letters into a picture somehow…alternate methods involve music, actual pictures…anything will do. In some explanations, it might not be your subconscious that works the sigil – in the end, it’s up to YOU like everything else in chaos magic 🙂

A servitor is a very cool thing – a self-created magical being, like a robot sort of. It follows the instructions you give it – unfortunately it tends to follow garbage-in garbage-out literal Nazi computer logic 😛 I gotta make a story with some of these…they’re awesome.
Paganism? Scientology? What’s that? No…I’m only explaining important things here 😉 You go ahead and Google 😛 As far as Alice in Wonderland? If you don’t know more about that SHAME – ON – YOU! I’m totally not giving you the Cliffs Notes on that 😀 Same with the historical stuff…deep enough Googling and following the links on these articles will help you figure anything out and compare it to the alternate history in the story.

And one last note…Robin and Jay have been my constant mental companions for nearly nine years now (as of Nov. 1st, 2010),  since I was 14. I’ve given them written form before, but never publicly available, in such an awesome universe…Jim and Maria are part of the myth in my head too. I hope you enjoy the Conley Family’s side of the story…they won’t be in every single tale, but their threads are sewn deep into the tapestry of the Aeon. 🙂

♣ 37 (Jon Page, signing off)

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