I AM – I WILL (About Me and My Blog)

So I’m Jon Page, a young Sorcerer’s Apprentice type (Yeah, I figured out a better way to say bumbling newbish yet somewhat savvy mage :P) from Monroe, Wisconsin, USA. I love heavy metal, science fiction, art and the occult, and I am currently rather ambivalent about Thelema (despite casting them as The Man in my series, I like the paradigm a lot. It was just stagnating me.) I created this blog as a side project to my usual internet surfing, music listening, and magic working punctuated by Star Trek roleplaying on a play-by-post site and any other writing projects I do on occasion…which are few in number but growing, like the hordes of chaos basking in the intoxicating air of Wonder.

It’s clearly an alternate history…any references to historical figures, specifically mages, are meant in a fictional sense (but not necessarily without hypersigilized intent ;)) and with the utmost respect due any Buddha I meet on the road I walk.

*looks at smoking gun in his hand* What? :O

So yeah…I just wanna play around with some weird fictional ideas and write adventure tales in a New Aeon here. Read and comment…if you have a suggestion hit me up in the comments section, and I’ll consider it. I like improving my writing – one thing you may notice is a very dense set of references to historical events, magical texts and nerd canon, which I consider my trademark. It makes things kinda complicated, though…lol. Soon you’ll start to see some characters I’ve been kicking around since the dawn of my writing career, only more awesomer…and maybe someday all this will go to Lulu πŸ˜€

I do not subscribe to the Law of any other being but myself at this time, so instead of saluting you with a 93 or other such stereotypical greeting I’ll tell you to Stay Awesome! Stay Metal! Excelsior!

Oh, and read from the oldest post first if you want a chronological picture of the world here…or just jump in. It’s tales, not a tale…a multiplicity of Wonders…written in heart’s blood by a Mad Artist πŸ™‚ Any beginning point will do, and any direction, if you have nowhere in particular to go πŸ™‚

Update 11/16/10 – I decided to write less about the alternate history of Crowley’s world and more about the Aeonic Edge in general, a transition between old ideas and new aided by myth and symbol and Story, as if the blog was a science fiction pulp magazine similar to Astounding Stories. All the Tales are bound by an impulse toward higher realization through dream, and the transition and conflict implicit in all of our lives no matter what guru claims it’s which Aeon. Hopefully non-occultists will enjoy the tales more this way as well πŸ™‚

♣ 37 – Jon Page

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